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2021 Summer Reading: March Madness 2022 Titles

A guide for all Murrow students looking for inspiration for Summer Reading.

What is Murrow March Book Madness?


You! All Murrow students and faculty are welcome to participate. The Library Staff organizes it.


March Book Madness is an online bracket-style tournament that matches books in one-on-one "games."  The games will be decided by a simple vote on a Google Form (the forms do not collect any personal data).  You can have students vote individually or you can have a class vote.  After each round of voting the bracket will be updated and the next round of voting will begin. The 16 books below are the Sweet 16.


Sometime in February we will announce the bracket match-ups. Sometime in March we will start the actual voting. Champions in each bracket will decided on a date that is close to the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship game. Once the brackets are announced on the individual pages above more specific dates for the rounds of the tournament will be listed.


All of the voting and brackets will be located on the Murrow Library Website. You will be notified in class, on Pupil Path, and on Social Media.


Why not?

Adapted from Tony Keefer & Scott Jones March Book Madness,

Sweet 16