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We the People...the Citizen and the Constitution: Research

This project's purpose is to create a dialogue between one of the founders and a contemporary political or social figure.


  • This database will support your searches for both historical and contemporary figures and events. (Based on your level, I have switched out for a more advanced database than during the lesson)

  • This database specializes in the history of the United States. It is also a fine site to support historical and contemporary people and issues.

Books from the Collection: Historical


  • Library of Congress Digital Collections is a treasure trove of primary source documentation like letters and personal accounts. Primary sources are a window into the real people behind the historical name.
  • Oyez, pronounced oh-YAY, is a multimedia archive devoted to making the Supreme Court of the United States accessible to everyone.
  • Founders Online contains correspondence and other writings of six major shapers of the United States: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams (and family), Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.

  • The ACLU provides a succinct history of the Bill of rights and the role of civil liberties to the founding fathers. 

  • Constitution Facts has a great collection of the journals and diaries of the founding fathers. 

Books from the Collection: Contemporary

Watch & Learn

Podcasts (tag: Founding Fathers)