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Educational Policy and Theory: Pre-Research

A guide to your research in the field of education

Before you Begin

Accessing Google Drive

When you use Google Drive for school and library work, use your Murrow Google Account. Your personal Google account will not work. You MUST use the one that ends with If you log in with your phone, you need to click the hamburger icon (three lines) in the upper left, click on dropdown, and select the one. 

Your email account is: [The First letter of your first name] + [Your complete last name] + [The last four digits of your OSIS #]
Your Password is: Your OSIS #

If your name was Freddy Mercury and your OSIS # was 999991234, your Murrow account would be: and your password would be 999991234



You may not use Wikipedia as a source of evidence for your paper or video. That being said, I do suggest its use as a way to build background knowledge on a topic. Calling up prior knowledge or creating knowledge about a topic where none was before is essential to learning. Wikipedia is a good site for the purpose of pre-search, or educating yourself about the main points of a topic before you dig into its details. 


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