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A Personal Finance Primer: Home

This LibGuide is a guide to adulting. It will support every single aspect of your adult life.



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This is perhaps one of the most important assignments you will ever complete. I do not say that lightly.  Lessons that you learn through your research here will serve you well for the rest of your life.  As "pre-service" adults about to embark on the life of full adulthood , this LibGuide will prepare you for the realities of being grown and providing for yourself.  Being an independent adult basically revolves around one word: MONEY.  

In particular,

  • The amount of money you have
  • The amount of money you make, and
  • The amount of money and at what rates companies will loan you more money 

Take it from me, there are many adults in their forties that have not gotten this figured this out yet and I see the negative effects of not being fiscally responsible, both in my own life and in the lives of people I know.  Most people tend to wait to learn about most sections in this project until they are in some kind of trouble or it is too late for a remedy. Don't let this be you!  This project is a gift, and I hope you see it as such.

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