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Mass Atrocity Crimes: Syria

Atrocity crimes refer to the three legally defined international crimes of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.



Syria:  2013 through 2017


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Voices From East Aleppo: 'They Gave Us 2 Choices Only -- Leave Or Die'
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RACHEL MARTIN: As we've heard this morning, the battle for Aleppo has reached a new crisis point. Syrian government forces have closed in on the rebel-held part of the city where thousands of civilians have been held under siege. Yesterday, there was word of a cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey. Now that cease-fire appears to have fallen apart, and the plans to evacuate residents have stalled. Here's how people inside Aleppo right now are describing the situation.

ABDULKAFI AL-HAMDO: It was hell. It was more than hell - killing. And you can just see bodies on the street. You can hear their voices. They're trying just to find someone to help. They gave us two choices only - leave or die. You leave your friends. You leave your house. You leave your history.

MARTIN: Leave or die. That was Abdulkafi Alhamdo. He's an English teacher who's still in eastern Aleppo with his wife and small daughter. We also spoke with Manther Itaki (ph), an activist still living in the besieged part of the city. He's living there with his wife and 5-month-old son. His parents now live in Turkey, but he chose not to leave. Now the level of violence has increased in recent days. He's reconsidering his options.


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