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Edward R. Murrow High School Summer Reading 2019: 9th Grade

Summer Reading Task


Your assignment is to read at least one (1) book over the summer and complete the task at the bottom of this box. The goal is for you to come prepared to discuss the book you read with your classmates in September. 

Below is a list of suggested titles of excellent books to read. We believe you will enjoy them. However, if you have a favorite author or topic you are interested in pursuing, feel free to choose your own book. You can also access a more comprehensive reading list from the NYC Department of Education by clicking here.


Complete the literature log that is linked below. Then using your notes, respond to one of the topics below in essay form. Use specific examples from the book you read.


  1. Explain how and why the protagonist changes over the course of the novel.
  2. What "life lessons" does the novel offer? Do you think these lessons are valid?
  3. Describe a conflict in the novel and explain whether it is resolved or not.


  1. Describe how the book you read is a snapshot of the time and period it exists.
  2. Describe the real life issues that the book discusses and discuss the solutions posed by the author to alleviate the problem.
  3. Critically evaluate two (2) of the author's main points. How does the author provide reasonable evidence to support their argument? Cite evidence from the text.


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