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Participation in Government: Television or Radio

This guide will prepare students for research and facilitate citation of various sources needed for your research paper.

Television or Radio Program


"Title" episode or segment. Title of programme or series. Additional info. e.g. director/narrator/performer etc. Name of network. Call letters and city of local station (if any). Broadcast date. 


"The Villain." Faulks on Fiction. Narrated by Sebastian Faulks, BBC 2, 15 Jul., 2011. 


  • ("Title")


  • Faulks traces a trajectory from Richardson's Lovelace to recent examples such as Heller's Barbara Covett ("The Villain").

Note: If you are highlighting a particular contributor's work to the production, start the reference with their name.

Faulks, Sebastian, narrator. "The Villain." Faulks on Fiction. BBC 2, 15 Jul., 2011.


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