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A Personal Finance Primer: Credit: Scores & Cards

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Some words of wisdom about credit and your credit score

  • Paying bills on time every month and never defaulting on money owed helps create, maintain, and raise your credit score.
  • Credit card companies and stores are all too eager to have you as a customer.  Be selective.
  • Do not ever live beyond your means.
  • Your credit score is how companies see you as a potential risk. Low credit score means more risk and higher rates. High credit score means less risk and therefore lower rates. 
  • Having zero credit is not good.  Once established, it MUST be maintained.

Finance Databases

Five Factors in Determining Credit Scores

Credit Card Basics

Which is Best for You?

A Must-Use


Credit Reporting Bureaus

Each of the three bureaus do the same thing, really. They collect and analyze your credit data to determine a credit (FICO) score for you.  When you apply for credit now or in the future, one or more of these companies reports your score to the company/department store that requests it.  Keep in mind that negative effects stay on your credit report for 7 years.  They will eventually come off.





You are entitled to one (1) free credit report from each credit bureau per year.  It is IMPERATIVE that you maintain your credit.  Click this to be brought to 

All About Credit Scores