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Democrats & Republicans: Socioeconomic Issues: Project Home

This guide will support the study of six (6) socio economic issues that have been shown to divide Americans across party lines.

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Report Templates

Part One

Complete the Graphic Organizer for each issue

a) Universal Health Care

b) Higher minimum wage

c) Drilling and Pipelines

d) Privatization of Social Security

e) Military Spending

f) Tariffs on Imports

* Link to Graphic Organizer is directly above in the Assignment box on this page


In your class, you have just examined the fundamental economic and theoretical differences between Republicans and Democrats. However, there are also socio-economic issues (issues that go across social, economic, and political values) that divide us politically as well. This project aims to examine their importance, where political parties stand, and where you ultimately stand.

Part Two


  • Which 2 issues are the most important to you as a future voter? (1 paragraph for each issue)
  • Which political party do you agree with more on these issues? (1 paragraph for each issue)
  • Based on the first two projects, if you were to fill out a voting card, which political party would you choose? (Explain in 1-2 Paragraphs)

Research Component

Find 4 scholarly articles about each sides' stance on 2 of your issues. (2 that explain where Democrats stand and 2 that explain where Republicans stand). Make sure to use these articles in your essay with proper MLA or APA citations in your essay (in-text citation) and as a Works Cited/References page.


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