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Accessing Resources: Where Do I Start?: Books

This guide will teach students how to access information using various library resources and how to insert the information into their research papers.

In Text Citations

Inside your paper, give credit to the works you quote.

See examples of how to tell your readers where facts, paraphrases, or quotes in your paper come from at this site from the Purdue Owl, and their page specifically about citing author/author's names in text.


Basic Book Citation

Author's Last Name, Author's First Initial. (Year). Title of book: Capitalize only first letter. Location: Publisher.

Note: For Location, you should always list the city and the state using the two letter postal abbreviation without periods. (NY; CA; MN).

Note: Some of the citations below may also include an article or chapter title and editors.

Example Book Citation, One author


   Browne, D.
Goodbye 20th century: A biography of

             Sonic Youth. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press.


Example Book Citation, Multiple authors

   Crampton, L., & Rees, D.
(2003). Rock & roll year by year.            

         New York: DK Pub. in Association with the Rock and Roll

         Hall of Fame and Museum.

Example Book Citation, Article or chapter in an edited book

   Waksman, S.
(2006). Black sound, black body: Jimi Hendrix, the

             electric guitar and the meaning of blackness. In A.

             Bennett, B. Shank, & J. Toynbee (Eds.), The popular

             music studies reader (pp. 64-70). New York: Routledge.


Example Book Citation, Electronic Version of a Print Book, eBook


   Prager, M. (2008). Reason 4 power! The comprehensive guide

         [Safari Books Online version]. Retrieved from http://proquest.