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APUSH Research: Vetted Websites

Resources to assist APUSH students doing independent research on a U.S. History topic

Vetted Websites

By definition:  vet - to critically analyze and examine something

These websites provide access to credible information.  Because they have been evaluated for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose, they are called Vetted Websites.

Library of Congress


The Library of Congress, located in Washington, DC., is the National Library of the United States.  The enormous size and variety of its collections make it the largest  library in the world.  You can access the Library's electronic resources through its website at

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National Archives

Digital Public Library of America


This is a digital collection of images, text and sounds from across the United States.  All of the electronic resources it offers are available through the  Digital Public Library's website at 

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National Museum

National Immigration Museum

State Libraries

National Museum of American Jewish History