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Economics Semester Research Project: Research

This guide will support you as you research and write your Economics Semester Research Project.


  1. Read the requirements carefully. All the information you need to do your best  has been provided to you by Ms. Jack Peters.  
  2. Think about which topic speaks to you. You will be spending a fair amount of time  on this topic. Make it one that you can handle researching  and that you find somewhat interesting. 
  3. Pre-research your topic. To build proper knowledge, read a bit about  your topic on Wikipedia or watch a YouTube video on your topic.
  4. Search. Using keywords, find articles that speak to the answer to your question and your thesis statement.  As you search, be organized so you can refer to your notes and cite them properly.
  5. Outline your paper and write. You should know before you begin what's going where, how you will begin and end your paper.