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Academic Integrity - Referencing, Citation & Avoiding Plagiarism: Images - reproduced in your text

This guide explains what referencing and citation is and how to use APA and MLA. It includes a short interactive tutorial on each style.

Images - reproduced in your text

The APA Style Manual does not give specific information about how to format images in your reference list. Therefore this is an interpretation of the guidance they do provide. Check with your lecturer on requirements before submitting an assignment.

For graphs, charts, maps, drawings, and photographs that appear in the text, the style advises these should be labeled as numbered figures (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 etc.) with a Caption.

The Caption is at the bottom of the figure, it includes the figure number, a brief descriptive phrase, any information needed to interpret the figure and then the words "Adapted from..." or "From..." followed by a citation. Include a copyright statement also.

Below are some examples of captions that would appear under your images.


Image from a journal article


Figure 1. fMRI images showing comparison of a healthy brain with one affected by Alzheimer's disease. Adapted from "Cognitive degeneration associated with early onset Alzheimer's disease," by B. F. Reddin and G. Hall, 2015, Neuropsychological research, 34, p. 55. Copyright 2014 by the Irish Psychological Society.

Image from a book


Figure 2. Testing a child for acquisition of the principle of conservation. From "Universal child development," by F. Shields, G. Smock, and H. Kavanagh, 2014, Dublin: PSI Press, p. 42. Copyright 2014 by Pychologcial Society of Ireland. Permission to reprint granted.

Image from a website


Figure 3. Chicks imprinting with a dog titled "Imprinting." From Animal behaviour online. (2014, January, 29). Retrieved from

Creative Commons license