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Academic Integrity - Referencing, Citation & Avoiding Plagiarism: Conferences

This guide explains what referencing and citation is and how to use APA and MLA. It includes a short interactive tutorial on each style.


Reference: Author last name, First name. "Title of paper." Title of published proceedings: Proceedings of Title of conference, Location, Date. Edited by First name, Last name. Publisher, Date of publication, Type of Talk.

Example: Hoff, Annette. "Law and Landscape." Land Sea and Home: Proceedings of a Conference on Viking Settlement, Cardiff, July 2001. Edited by John Hines, Alan lane and Mark Redknap. Maney, 2004, Keynote Address.


  • (Author(s) Last name Page no)
  • (Page no)


  • By separating Danish customary law from Canon law, a chronological progression in the organisation of agricultural practices can be determined (Hoff 433).
  • Annette Hoff suggests that by separating Danish customary law...(433).


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